VetsSurvey 2020: part 2

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Here is the second release of the long awaited VetsSurvey 2020 data. Where the first release was focused on the impact of the pandemic, this report covers other aspects of veterinary life (because it’s not all about Covid-19!). In this data deck you can find: What veterinary professionals and practices look like across the world What ...

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Help from home – are remote consultations here to stay?

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The coronavirus pandemic has not only attributed to a long-lasting backlog for veterinarians but has forced the industry to evolve its methods to meet client demand as capacity in practices needed to be reduced. Virtually all veterinary practices across the globe have had to implement additional measures or policies due to the coronavirus outbreak which ...

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Pandemic delay in vaccination and check-ups a danger as parvovirus numbers rise

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The coronavirus pandemic has birthed a number of challenges for every industry, not least veterinarians. As there has been a rise in stress levels in vets, delays caused by lockdowns has led to a decline in treatments for pets, particularly vaccinations and check-ups, which has created a huge backlog. While this backlog in treatments is ...

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Veterinary publication readership

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Which veterinary publications, magazines, online publications, apps or forums do you follow? We asked this question to gauge what vets’ channels and sources vets are currently using to access information about the veterinary world. This is clearly not an exact representation of readership as a vet can follow a publication regardless of how may times, ...

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