Here at CM Research we have many years’ experience testing the effectiveness of adverts amongst their target audiences, working together with clients to determine the best possible execution that will engage and resonate with their intended market.

Whether the focus is on veterinary professionals and/or pet owners, our aim is to help you ensure your advertising will do what you want it to do. Our services include:

  • Advert effectiveness
  • Multi-cell tests
  • Heat mapping
  • Recall testing

Whether you have 2 prototypes or 4, we can help you compare the performance and relative effectiveness of each execution on measures specific to your requirements, for example, influence on purchase intention or product usage, uniqueness, believability, clarity of key messages, fit to category and/or brand, likes/dislikes etc.

We offer a variety of both qualitative and quantitative tools for ad pre-testing – used separately or in combination – to help you get the findings you require to build confidence into your decision-making. The approach used will be tailored to your specific information needs and research objectives.