With generic standards of care set for many animal conditions and diseases, patient expirations, rising costs/ competitive pricing and competition from generics, now more than ever, animal pharmaceutical manufacturers need reliable, effective new product development testing to introduce successful new products into the market.

At CM Research, we offer both qualitative and verified quantitative solutions for all stages of the product life cycle and innovations funnel. By asking your target audience at every stage, we can identify what the market wants, eliminate any danger of producing a “me too” therapeutic and quickly determine which concepts are worth progressing.


 Our quantitative solutions include:

  • Volume screening/ sorting of concept ideas created in workshop environments or co-creative environments to be worked up into more solid concept ideas for testing. We can pair these down to a few strong concepts using or max-diff methodologies to rapidly and efficiently sift sort and identify best product features, concept ideas or propositions to further develop and take to full concept testing.
  • Monadic or sequential validated concept testing. CM Research is uniquely positioned in the animal care market research arena to offer a comprehensive normative database of key concept evaluation measures complied from over 350 worldwide veterinary and pet owner product concept, product positioning, message communication and advertising execution evaluations.  This database helps to provide clear guidance on whether concepts are good enough to take to market.  Our data base comprises key performance metrics including:
    • Purchase intention
    • Purchase behaviour
    • Overall opinion
    • Believability
    • Value for money
    • Uniqueness
    • Relevance

  • Advertising claim development. Identify which advertising executions and messages resonate and cut through the most with your target audience, identify how to modify, improve or refine to achieve the greatest communications effect.
  • Packaging design evaluation and development. Evaluate packaging ideas identify the most appealing to consumers. Test variations in colour, imagery, pack shape and on package product claims/ ingredients to understand how to maximise chances of listing and on-shelf performance
  • Logo development and evaluation Identify the most appealing, relevant and best at communicating brand imagery and positioning.
  • Pricing sensitivity modelling and market volumetrics to find out what customers are willing to spend on your products and maximise your revenue.
  • Pre and post launch product benchmarking and tracking – to identify consumer motivations and inhibitors to trial and repeat purchase for new products enabling leverage/ correction of any inherent weaknesses