VetsSurvey Reports

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Now in its fifth edition, VetsSurvey is an unincentivised global survey of veterinary professionals measuring dynamic changes in the veterinary sector and records where veterinary professionals see the profession heading and how they feel the profession is serving them.

The survey is sent out annually to every member of Vetspanel – our proprietary panel of veterinary professionals.  In 2018, some 3,500 vet professionals participated from 12 European countries, Canada, USA, Russia, South Africa and Latin America.

The data collected helps to establish benchmarks in the context of the veterinary profession’s demographic and practice profile,  as well as across other areas, such as: work-life balance (number of hours worked, levels of job satisfaction and stress), marketing, use of technology and social media, business and practice growth, the challenges that the practices might be facing and continuous professional development.

Key findings from VetsSurvey 2018 highlight:

  1. The growing feminization of the profession, but inequalities in pay levels
  1. The rapid growth of corporate practices in English speaking countries (particularly in the UK which is forecast to grow to 70 – 80% in the next 5 – 10 years) impacting on how vet professionals see the industry changing.

3. The general time pressures that veterinarians are experiencing now leading to increases in global stress levels, signalling potential crisis in the industry.