VetSurvey 2011- 2018: Understanding the veterinary profession.

It has been almost a decade since we founded CM Research, and since then, the veterinary sector certainly has seen some large changes. But while most would know that change has occurred, few, if any, have managed to pinpoint and quantify these changes and addressing this issue was where the idea of VetSurvey was born. Now in its fifth edition, the survey has sought to understand what the main changes in the sector are, where veterinary professionals see their profession heading and also how well they feel the profession is serving them.

Vetsurvey is an annual unincentivized global survey of veterinary professionals. The survey is sent out annually to every member of Vetspanel – our proprietary panel of veterinary professionals – with the objective of continuous observance of the forces driving and influencing the veterinary market and its many aspects.

We hope that the report will enhance your understanding of the veterinary profession. We wish to acknowledge all the members of Vetspanel for their continuous support and participation in our research. It is thanks to them, through taking the time out of their busy schedules to share their experiences and points of view with us, that we are able to produce such work based on robust data.

To download the report in English, please click HERE. Please note: if you would like to see the results in other languages, let us know.