Veterinarians financial outlook in 2021 – corporates weathering the pandemic better than independents?

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Since 2011 we have been measuring how well veterinarians have been doing financially compared to the previous year. Up to 2012 the number doing worse outnumbered those doing better, but that all changed and peaked in 2015 when almost 50% of vets reported to be doing better. After that there was a slow decline and numbers only recovered in 2020. There is no clear reason for this decline (Brexit?).

This year 47% indicated things have improved, and this was the same as last year. However, the numbers doing worse have increased quite markedly from 17% to 25%. This increase seems to have affected all vets but has been driven more by owners/partners. In effect, it has been vets in corporate practices that seem to have weathered the pandemic better than those in independent practices. So, while independent practices are doing worse corporates are faring better.  What could explain this?  We’d love to hear your opinion