Cost of living report – Part 2: The impact of the cost of living crisis on veterinarians & pet owners

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We are pleased to release the second instalment of our cost-of-living tracker. A free version of the report, covering the UK, France, Spain and the US is attached. 

In it you will learn about: 

  • The personal impact of the CoL crisis on veterinarians and pet owners 
  • How veterinarians are changing their working lives to manage the impact 
  • How price changes are impacting on clinic operations 
  • What veterinarians are noticing in pet owner behaviour 

An enhanced version of the report is available to purchase from £2,000 depending on your needs. The enhanced report is an in-depth 360 exploration – including both pet owner and veterinarian perspective across 7 countries (including Germany, Italy and Japan). 

Additionally, the extended report covers detail on: 

  • All strategies undertaken to combat financial pressures 
  • The supplier response to the CoL crisis – what do clinics need from their suppliers 
  • The impact on the number and type of prescriptions and recommendations veterinarians are giving 
  • How pet owners are changing how they look after their pets in the light of financial pressures 
  • The future of veterinary careers 

Wave 3 is planned for February 2024. Early subscribers to Wave 3 benefit from a 10% discount in total project cost and a free question to ask either audience (veterinarians or pet owners) across countries commissioned.  

Please reach out to [email protected] for more information.